Food Security Begins In The House

( NC)- More than 200 known diseases are sent through food, and Health Canada estimates that every year roughly two million Canadians suffer from illness brought on by foodborne bacteria. While most of these cases are mild, Health Canada reports that 2 to 3 percent of all cases will lead to persistent health problems and as lots of as 30 will die from issues due to gastrointestinal disorder.
Susan Brunt, a Toronto based family doctor and LYSOL spokesperson, reminds us that food security begins in the house and uses useful hints on ways to keep your house healthy this summer season:
Wash your hands completely with soap and water
Examine expiration dates on all food
Bring food house from the grocery store quickly to refrigerate or freeze
Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator or microwave-not on the counter
Usage separate cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination-the unintentional spread of bacteria from food to food or from surface to food
Disinfect food preparation surfaces with LYSOL ® Sanitizing Wipes. They use a hassle-free way to prevent cross-contamination in your cooking area and around the grill location
Chill and refrigerate leftovers instantly and use within 2-3 days.(Link : 128Casino)
Date leftovers to make sure you utilize them before they ruin
Dr. Brunt likewise advises us that the most serious cases of food poisoning tend to take place in the older, the very young, and those with weak immune systems.
For extra information on how to make your house safe this summertime, require a free copy of the “Summer Safety-Put Your Family on the Road to a Safe and Healthy Summer” sales brochure at 1-800-99-LYSOL.

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